Processing Timber

We will be repurposing the trees felled from the infill lot. This lumber will be used both inside and outside, on the Burnside Boardwalk project. 

There was initially 21 large trees on the Burnside Boardwalk infill site. We were able to save 8 of them.  The trees varied in sizes from a large of 44 inches in diameter to the smallest of 12 inches.  We have taken the trees to a saw mill that will make our fence boards 5/4 x 8 inches and our second and third floor hallway heavy timber floors.  We believe that when all done we will get over 6 thousand board feet of usable lumber.

We originally wanted to save the existing trees, but were forced to bring our buildings up to the road by the planning commission.  In retrospect this has made for a much nicer and more urban project.  It also puts eyes on the street that is a safety feature for both the Trimet station and our residents.

These photos show Vern processing our trees. Vern has been working in saw mills his entire life starting at the age of 17.  He is still going strong at 68 years old.  Tough old bird.






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