Green Construction

Greenseed apartments do not charge for utilities. Both heating and electricity are produced on site by each building. In fact, Greenseed’s apartment buildings can actually produce more power than they consume. This is made possible because of Greenseed’s focus on energy independence at every opportunity during design, construction, and operation of each building. 

At  $170  per sqft,
the cost of construction for a Greenseed building is lower than most apartments in the Willamette valley.

Affordable  &  Energy Independent

Solar Electricity

Greenseed rooftops are covered (almost every inch) with high capacity solar panels, which produce about 1200 wats of electricity per apartment unit. With average consumption between 1000 and 1500 watts per unit, each building has the capacity to produce more power than it consumes.

Passive Solar Energy

Greenseed windows and window shades are designed to collect sunshine in the cold months and block against it in the summer months. [how many jules or $$ does this save in heating and cooling]

Advanced Framing

Greenseed walls are constructed using minimum lumber, while retaining maximum strength and maximal space for insulation. [How many $$ does this save in heating and cooling vs standard]

Heating & Cooling

Greenseed uses geothermal loops (water pumped through pipes in the ground) to help mediate heat gain and loss within the building. [how many jules are recovered, how many jules are used to heat and cool the building, and how greenseed innovates to drop the cost of installation]

Rainwater Collection

On Greenseed properties, water from the sky is repurposed for use in gardens, landscaping, and (as permitted) toilets as well. [how many gallons are collected onsite, where this water is used on site, and how greenseed innovates to save $$ on installation and water consumption]

Hot Water Delivery

Greenseed designed a “fat pipe” delivery system to move hot water across the building. [This saves $$ in energy costs, compared to traditional apartment buildings.]