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In 1.5 years since the opening of Burnside Boardwalk, Greenseed has served 48 individuals at this flagship energy independent apartment building. 29 residents were formerly incarcerated or homeless. Of these, 22 are still at home in the building, and 7 have successfully moved on to the next phase of their life.

Greenseed makes living spaces for people
who desire independence and stability.

Greenseed apartment neighborhoods are created for people moving through critical life transitions where the worst is behind them. They are ready to start again, redefining their own life in a stable environment, with support from the people around them. It is Greenseed’s unique building and management style that allows this community to thrive.

Energy Independence

With participation of the residents, Greenseed buildings become energy independent.

  • At  $170  per sqft,the cost of construction for a Greenseed apartment building is lower than any other in the Willamette valley.
  • With average of 1200 watts per apartment unit of solar electricity, each building can produce more power than it consumes.
  • Highly insulated walls and windows, coupled with on-site geothermal heating and cooling, makes for year round comfort without needing off-site fuels.

Neighborhood Stability

Greenseed management is in service to the stability of the residents’ neighborhood.

  • Careful intake screening, puts emphasis on values and personality, for accepting only those individuals who can contribute to the neighborhood stability.
  • Collaborative problem solving, keeps options and decisions in the hands of the resident at every opportunity.
  • Regular contact, as a stabilizing force, is encouraged and maintained by both management and residents.

What our residents are saying:

“Actually, on the inside, it’s extremely quiet. it’s been quiet and provides stability for me. It helps my mental health.”
“Everyone’s friendly. No one is bitter – everyone gets along. Everyone is close, like a family.”
“A blessing. It’s the people who make it what it is. This is like an island within this area – no fear.”
“It’s friggin’ awesome. Everyone is so friendly, the environment – everything. I feel at home!”
“I feel at home. It’s peaceful. No one bothers me. Living here is good, man. I love it.”
“I love it so far. I’ve had a good experience with neighbors. They have been kind, helpful, and personable. By far, it’s the easiest place I’ve lived in. I feel comfortable and feel at home. “
With decades of experience
in community building,

Greenseed is looking to collaborate with like minded organizations on our next generation of projects in the Willamette Valley.

For over 30 years the founders of Greenseed have built living environments based on the family values of gratitude, respect and responsibility. 

  • In 1995 they built a number of Quints, 5 bedroom 5 bath homes, for the chronically mentally ill population. 
  • In 2000, in collaboration with the Albina Ministerial Alliance, the founders built speciality housing for young mothers, with the goal of having a safe space to raise their children. 
  • In 2004 they developed a “family model” assisted living facility for older adults, with and without dementia, where stability and familiarity allowed them to live normal lives. 
  • In 2020 they developed Greenseed Apartments at Burnside Boardwalk, bringing this same philosophy to benefit people who are disenfranchised and in need of a second chance. 

Each of these have been a progression of understanding of how architectural environments can create a stabilizing and calming space for individuals to function at their best. 

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