Ways To Live Green

Drive Less 

A typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. (EPA) Going car free is one of the absolute best ways to reduce your individual carbon footprint.

Green Seed Apartments is located directly across the street from the MAX Blue line. If that is not an option Green Seed Apartments offers a shared electric vehicle for you to use, as well as multiple charging stations for electric-vehicles.



Solar charging is an extremely good way to reduce your carbon footprint. The average solar panel system would save more than 150 metric tons of carbon dioxide.

Green Seed Apartments allocates 4, 430 watt solar panels to each unit. This means that the power you use in your unit comes from exclusively renewable resources.



Incandescent light bulbs waste 90 percent of their energy as heat. LED’s are not only significantly more efficient by using less energy to illuminate but they also last on aver 25 times longer.

All the lights at Green Seed Apartments are 100 to 120 lumen per watt LED Lights. The energy efficiency of the lights allows for more solar energy to be used in the rest of the building instead of just lighting. 



About 90% of the energy used by a washing machine during laundry goes towards heating the water. Therefore, using a cold water cycle eliminates this energy waste, and your clothes will be just as clear. Furthermore, unplugging your appliances in your house is very important. The Department of Energy states that the electricity consumed just by televisions that are turned off but still plugged in cost U.S. households more than $750 million a year.

At Green Seed Apartments we have Energy Star rated washers and dryers, but it is up to you to choose the cold water cycle. Also at Green Seed Apartments all of the appliances in your unit are set to turn completely off when you aren’t using them. 


Don’t Buy Fast Fashion

Trendy, cheap items go out of style quickly and often get discarded in landfills where they produce methane as they decompose. Americans discard about 80 pounds of clothing each year, 85 percent of which ends up in landfills. This does not include the carbon output through transportation.

This one is on you, but hey everyone at Green Seed Apartments gets a free t-shirt! 


Eat Less Meat

If you take into account meat’s entire lifecycle, each meat eater is responsible for more than 1.5 more tons of greenhouse gases than a vegan per year.

Yet again, this one is up to your individual lifestyle. Green Seed Apartments supplies appliances that make a vegan diet simple and easy.







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