We’ve started to excavate the foundation for our new Burnside Boardwalk 31unit net zero affordable housing development on E. Burnside.

The site sits in a hole that is approximately 5 feet below the existing sidewalk 271.5 ft elevation we decided to utilize this existing void to install a daylight basement.  This required the removal of approximately 2 thousand cubic yards of dirt.  The site plans include a driveway on the west side that required the grade to be built up to street level and sloped down to where the parking lot in back is situated.  The filling of the driveway and parking lot would have used around 2500 yards of material, requiring approximately 500 additional cubic yards.  We are considering lowering the parking lot approximately 2 feet, which would eliminate the need for the additional fill. 

This is a very tight infill lot of a little over ½ acre or 21,000 sq.ft.  The small lot has created a dirt storage challenge while we shape and form the lot to be useful.  Because of this 2 back hoes were used to move the dirt around and a bull dozer to level out the dirt.

Here are some photos.






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