Clearing The Land

We’ve cleared the land for our new Burnside Boardwalk 31unit net zero affordable housing development on E. Burnside. Aside from a grove of old trees in the SE corner, the land was pretty vacant. Although, we did find a lot of concrete and rocks left over from when they built the light rail.  

Most trees that are cut down in the city are used as firewood, we had to look hard to find a mill that would actually cut the logs into usable lumber.  We have had our arborist out to the job several times to observe the cutting of the trees and the leaving of the trees that are near the building.  Andrew Craig from Springwater has been very helpful.  The way the trees were that had to be cut down shielded the roots of the trees that we left.  It is a shame to cut down big beautiful trees but it is comforting to know we left as many as possible and will use what we did cut to be part of our building.

Here are some photos.






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