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  • Second Level Framing

    Second Level Framing

  • Grading Harvested Lumber

    Grading Harvested Lumber

    Here is the video of the trees we harvested being graded prior to being able to use structurally.

  • Ground Level Framing

    Ground Level Framing

  • Boardwalk Supports

    Boardwalk Supports

  • Pouring Slab

    Pouring Slab

  • Footing Drainage Pipe

    Footing Drainage Pipe

  • Processing Timber

    Processing Timber

    We will be repurposing the trees felled from the infill lot. This lumber will be used both inside and outside, on the Burnside Boardwalk project.  There was initially 21 large trees on the Burnside Boardwalk infill site. We were able to save 8 of them.  The trees varied in sizes from a large of 44…

  • Dry-Well


    Our drywell allows the rainwater runoff to recharge the local aquifer, rather than adding to the city’s stormwater overflow.  This is one of the features that help make Burnside Boardwalk so green.  In a normal urban environment rainwater is channeled into the city drainage system that pushes the water directly to streams bypassing the traditional means that…

  • Pouring Footing

    Pouring Footing

    When pouring the footing and retaining walls in a small infill lot there are several obstacles to overcome.  We would prefer to use a boom truck so that the filler hose does not need to be dragged across the forms. But when the lot is torn up there is not always room for the boom…

  • Foundation Footing

    Foundation Footing

    In digging the foundation, our high retaining walls need a thicker and bigger footing to be able to resist the overturning pressure of the ground at street level. Additionally the amount of rebar in the footing has to be considerably more to add the extra strength that the high wall needs.  This created a little…

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