Advanced Framing

POSTED ON September 14, 2021

Advanced Framing: We have updated the tried and true “24 inches on center” framing layout, to realize an estimated 50% reduction in lumber and labor, without reducing quality or strength. This means that a lot fewer trees will need to be cut down, sawed up, and transported, thereby reducing our transport-related carbon footprint. 

By stacking all key structural components, keeping the entire design “on layout”, and using doors and windows that fit within the layout, we have eliminated much of the lumber typically needed to cut openings and terminate walls. Because the designing of such an efficient 24-inch layout can be rather involved and time-consuming, developers in the last 70 years have opted for the more “flexible” 16-inch layout.

 With energy and material efficiency as one of our primary goals, world-class architects and designers on retainer, and limited scope for our building needs, we are delighted to be able to build in this traditional sound, and environmentally friendly manner. Not only is less lumber used in advanced framing, but thermal bridging is also minimized and more insulation can be used in the thermal envelope.